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Content marketing as a driver of digital strategy

If companies are concerned regularly broadcast their messages to as many through television, display, trade press or internet, their marketing content are often improved. Actually produce interesting content and marketing that is not purely promotional or centered around products remains a practice that has yet to find its place in most businesses, despite all the added value it brings. The digital media content production has revolutionized the practice because it is accessible, free and almost instantaneous. Where we produced few platelets per year, you end up feeding a daily business blog, which implies a frantic production resources.

Brand content or content marketing are essential

Produce marketing materials that are not geared to your products but provide advice and quality information to your target has become a necessity.

Why? For the simple reason that advertising no longer allows advertisers to stand out, it is omnipresent and weary consumers who do everything to avoid it. It is then up to brands to rethink their messages to become an object of desire and bring added value to users. To the extent that the prospects are looking for information, compare and evaluate their online suppliers, such content will allow you to be found and to convince your target. 


Une variété de contenus pour faire vivre la marque ou l’entreprise

Digital media has revolutionized the practice of content production, in the sense that you will make a major effort to occupy the space for expression that is made available to you from blogs, social networks, forums …

Writing of static web pages

The presentation pages of your website must be neat and develop your business using the language of your buyer personas. Entrust this work to an agency on the basis of a detailed brief or as part of a web redesign can ensure you use a right tone and in line with the expectations of your target. A happy competent agency in digital marketing practices can directly incorporate good practices in Search engine optimization or SEO.

Business blog articles writing

Fueling the customer business blogs is volume one of the first activities that systematically integrates Markentive this practice as part of inbound marketing campaigns. These contents can be demonstrated expertise, to fuel social media activities and strengthen SEO: all the ingredients for developing the traffic of a website.

White papers or ebooks writing

Submit a White Paper on filling a contact form to turn a visitor qualified prospect is a very effective and widespread approach inbound marketing. We can then offer you to source and interview outside experts if necessary, to develop the plan and strategy of your ebook, but also to write and format your white paper.

Press releases writing

Write a press release is a current year that digital media require revisiting. Nowadays, it is not absurd to provide for a different release to bloggers, influencers and journalists from the mainstream press. These media are changing, how to address them must necessarily evolve in parallel. As part of inbound marketing campaigns, we regularly offer a parallel PR offering to enhance the dissemination of messages to mainstream media.

Infographics production

Visual content such as graphics are a real trend in the digital media. These contents are used to highlight a subject or statistics, which are available at a glance and highly distributed, it is called often for viral content designer. Our agency can help you to design and create the design for this type of media.

Video content production

Submit video content is a practice that is spreading on the Internet. Increasingly, brands and companies send to their prospects thematic videos by email to the lead nurturing, or are in the power of Youtube channels. The current format of the short videos and the development of capture technologies or tools have significantly reduced the cost of these practices. One can easily carry a dozen short videos in a single day and thus cover the investment required to seek professional crew.

Content marketing, fueling online reputation and traffic.

Keep in mind that without content, you will not be well positioned in the search engines and you will have no voice on social networks, which heavily penalize the traffic to your website. Indeed, regularly publish quality articles on your business blog gives you the opportunity to make effective interventions on social networks and spread links to your website. The updating frequency of your site and increasing inbound links to your site (also called « backlinks ») give the search engines a quality signal that prompts them to better rank your website for your keywords in their results pages. 


Subcontract its content from a content marketing agency

As technical as may seem your business, you can always outsource your content production. We must not forget that your contents are for your future clients and in this sense, an effort to adapt to your internal knowledge must be done. Once your buyer personas identified our content marketing experts develop an editorial charter and make your expertise available to all of your targets. We also work with you to « recycle » or adapt your existing resources, but also to enhance them with reliable external data that may interest your prospects.

You want to integrate content marketing or content marketing to your practice?

The content is a central tool of your digital visibility and helps position you as an expert specifically to drive traffic and sales. Our experts answer the requirements and specifics of your industry, regardless of their level of sophistication.